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2018 RaisingTheBest (RTB) Goals and Status Report

One of the best things you can teach your children is to set a goal and go after it.  I am leading by example, so this post is dedicated to putting out my 2018 goals for Raising the Best.  I’ve got personal goals and business goals for my real estate business, but this post is specifically about my goals for this blog and website.

I started this blog on May 15, 2018 with no idea on what to expect, so I’m really not sure if any of these goals are realistic or not.  But…you have to start somewhere, right?  There are 228 days left in 2018.  What am I planning to do with that time?

So, by December 31, 2018, I will achieve the following:

GOAL #1: Write at least 100 pieces of content

MAY 2018 – I’ve gotten a good start on the blog posts already and have a ton of ideas for future posts!  At the end of May, I now have ____ leads and have blogged ____ number of times.

GOAL #2: Have at least 500 website visitors each week

MAY 2018 – Just by writing the goal out, I realized I need to install Google Analytics on this website to track this!

GOAL #3: Make at least $1,000/mo in Amazon affiliate income

MAY 2018 – Set up my Amazon affiliate account

GOAL #4: Have at least 50 subscribers on an email list

MAY 2018 – Not started yet

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