About Me

About Me

Hello there!  I’m Peggy.

I’m a mom of 2 kids, a wife, a full time real estate agent, and the author of RaisingTheBest.com

I started this blog to share my family’s journey to raising our kids to be the best.  I realized through talking with other moms with small businesses that all of us have common challenges in growing our careers AND parenting our kids.  We are all struggling for the elusive work-life balance.

“I love the life I have, while I create the life of my dreams.” 

This is one of my favorite affirmation is  I hope this blog will showcase exactly how we are doing that in our everyday, ordinary extraordinary lives.

About Me

  • Who I Live With: My husband David and my kids Alex (5) and Emily (3).
  • What I Do With My Time: I’m a full time real estate agent.  When I’m not doing working, I’m spending time with my family or blogging!
  • Where I Live: Northern Virginia, outside of Washington DC.  I love living here because there are so many activities and opportunities for the kids just because we are in the nation’s capital.
  • My Dream Life: To retire by 40 and move to Hawaii
  • Find Me: Email me anytime at peggy.raisingthebest at gmail dot com

What You’ll Find Here

This blog is about 3 main things that are the most important in my life:

  • Raising My Kids to be THE BEST: My family and how I am raising my kids to live a life of excellence, do their best, and encourage them to pursue their dreams.  Will my child be the next CEO of a Fortune 500 company? An astronaut?  Start a non-profit?  I don’t know, but I am going to make sure they have the best chance at succeeding in whatever they do.
  • Developing Myself to be THE BEST:  I believe that I have to be the best, in order to show my kids how to be the best.   How are my kids going to believe that they can achieve anything they put their mind to if my husband and I aren’t being role models for them?  I need to show my kids that they can be great at their career and pursue their dreams (like mommy does), so they feel empowered to pursue their dreams.  I want to show them that you can have a great career AND a great family at the same time.

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