Etsy Shop Update and Income Report for April 28, 2021

Hi RTB community!  Here’s the latest news on my Etsy shop!

If you just stumbled upon this blog post and want to follow my journey of opening an Etsy shop with no prior knowledge, start here.  My intention is to provide a weekly update, especially at the beginning, and then transition into a monthly update.


  • Things have ramped up nicely for my shop and I just passed 250 total sales, which is amazing!  I should be able to get to 100 sales this month alone (it’s the 28th and I’m at 97 sales…), so that will be a great milestone too.
  • I’ve been adding more handprint art printables to my store.  Last month I talked about doing more individual handprint art listings and I’ve mainly been focused on that this past month.  Mother’s Day is also coming up, so I’ve been doing a bulk of my new listings for Mother’s Day.  Right now I’ve got 25 listings in my store.
  • I also started creating editable Canva templates, which have been selling also.  I like this idea because people can customize their handprint art design for the person they are giving it to.  Especially since people may call their mom something else (e.g., momma, mama, mom, mommy, etc..).

Mothers Day Handprint Art | Mason Jar Two Flowers Handprint Art Printable | Handprint Art Keepsake

Lessons Learned

  • When using images, creating templates is different than creating a piece of art and then selling it.  In some of my listings, I use professional photos that I pay for.  Some photos you are only allowed to use one time to create a piece of work and sell it.  Others will allow you to create a template so others can create their own work.  It’s important that you know what you are allowed (and not allowed) to do with any images.  Of course, if you create all your own artwork, that wouldn’t be an issue.  But I’m not that artistically gifted, so I just have to be careful.
  • Keep creating listings – You never know what will be popular!  For example, I created 2 versions of a Mason Jar Handprint Art.  One was for 1 handprint (for 1 child) and another was for 2 handprints.  I thought the single handprint would be more popular, but the double handprint has sold a lot better.  It only costs $0.20 to create a listing, so I’m glad I’m testing this out.  I also created a few other listings that were geared towards multiple children that seemed to sell, so I’m thinking about creating some more listings around that.

What I’m working on this week

  • I’m working on increasing my listings this week and focusing on Father’s Day listings.  Even though it isn’t Mother’s Day yet, I’m always focused on the next holiday to make sure I have plenty of listings up when buyers start looking.  I noticed that some people will buy up to a month earlier than the holiday.
  • I also need to come up with a better overall plan to increase my sales.  Right now my strategy is to just create more listings, but some other ideas on my mind:
    • Branch out to another type of listing – I haven’t found one that I’m interested in yet
    • Optimize my listings – Tags, add some more pictures, offer bulk discounts?  I’ve got to do some more research on best practices here.

Etsy Store Income Report

Income / Order Goals: My goal in March was to make $450 and I surpassed that by making $690.59.  I think my St Patrick’s Day Handprint Art was featured on Etsy somewhere since I got a ton of views and purchases in a single day.

My goal in April was to make $400 in sales.  I’m currently at $540.03.  My goal for May will be to make at least $500/mo.

Listing Goal: My annual goal is to get to $2,500/mo in passive income, which would be $30,000 per year.  That would be 500 sales per month at approximately $5 per sale. My goal is to get 150 high quality listings in my store.

Right now I’m at about 3 sales per day with 25 listings.  This would translate to about 3*30*6 = 540 sales per month with 150 listings.

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