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My Etsy Shop is Open for Business!

My Etsy Shop is Open for Business!

Hello readers! I’m excited to share with you that I’ve opened up an Etsy shop!  As part of my journey to figuring out what I want to do after real estate, I’ve been exploring a lot of different ideas.  I’ll probably write more about that journey later, but I wanted to share with you my Etsy shop – RaisingTheBest.

RaisingTheBest Etsy Store


Why I Decided to Start an Etsy Shop

I decided to start the shop to create another passive income stream so I can reach FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) faster.  I was on the ChooseFI website and saw this Etsy course on there and decided to try it out.  My focus is just on selling printables so I won’t need to worry about shipping anything.  If someone buys my printables, they’ll immediately be able to download it.  I love the thought of being able to create the printable once, and then getting recurring passive income from people when they buy it week, months, or even years later.

The second reason I started this is because creating printables is a creative outlet for me.  Throughout the years, I was already creating printables for my kids anyways, like our family gratitude journal and my affirmation notes for the kids.  So why not get paid for doing something that I’m already doing with my family?


What I’ve Learned So Far about Etsy

I’m going to share with you my wins, lessons learned, and insights as I build this shop from scratch with no experience with Etsy.


  • I set up my shop and created 4 printables so far!  It’s been exciting to get my creative juices flowing and I feel really proud of the work I’ve done so far.
  • I had my first sale!  Of course it was from my mom, but I’ll still celebrate it as a win.  Thanks, mom!!

Lessons Learned

  • Don’t create random stuff and expect it to sell.  Now that I’ve created these 4 printables, I’m taking a step back to understand how to be successful at this business.  Creating the 4 products really helped me to understand what my current design skillset is, especially since I don’t have any design background.  I have a better idea of what would be easy or hard to create.
  • I’m discovering a whole new world of Esty courses and tools for creating a successful shop.  I’ve always been a lifelong learner, so I’m really excited to dive into something new.  For example, Etsy SEO is a huge component of getting your products to come up when people are searching.  I’ve been evaluating both eRank and Maramlead to research products and keywords.
  • From what I’ve read so far, specializing in a specific niche is the best way to start (instead of creating random stuff like I was doing).  I know I’m going to focus on creating printables for kids, but I’m not sure which products I’m going to create yet.  I found a few other niches that had good profit potential, but they just didn’t excite me like creating the printables for kids.  I wanted to choose something that I could be really happy doing everyday so it doesn’t seem like work!

What I’m Working on Next

  • My next step is to create a high level business plan to clarify the big picture.  I’ve been researching other similar shops to understand how many products they have and how much they sell each month.  This will help to set realistic goals about how much I can make.  I’m using eRank to look this information up.
  • I’m going to continue to use eRank and Marmalead to figure out what products to create.  Of course, the ideal product would have high search volume, high engagement, and low competition, but that’s pretty much a unicorn, so I’m not counting on that.  I’m looking for phrases that have medium search volume, but high intent to purchase, and low competition.

My Etsy Shop Income Report

So far, I’ve had 1 sale (thanks, mom!) and made $1.45.


I’m excited to share my journey with you! If you are interested in purchasing anything from the store, sign up for my VIP Buyer List to get an instant coupon code for 10% off the entire store!

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