North Carolina Zoo: Trip Report & Tips

My husband and I decided to take the kids to the North Carolina Zoo this weekend.  This is probably one of my favorite zoos.  All of the animals seem to get up close, so you aren’t straining to see the animals all the way in the back of their exhibit – like this polar bear swimming right up to the […]

STEM Toy Review: Lego Boost Robot

Since Toys R Us was going out of business, we stopped by and picked up some great STEM toys at some really great prices.  One of the toys that stood out to me was the LEGO Boost, which is an easier version of LEGO’s popular Mindstorms product line. Although Alex is only 5 and Emily is 3, I really wanted […]

How often do you “tap out” with your kids?

We had a family friend over for dinner the other night.  He’s a single dad of two boys.  We started talking about how much energy we need as parents to really be focused and present for our kids.  As a single dad, he mentioned how he can’t really “tap out” since there isn’t another parent to watch the kids while […]

Passive Income with Hard Money Lending

Hard money lending is probably by favorite way to make passive income, if you do it right.  Hard money lenders are also called private money lenders.  As a real estate agent, I first heard about hard money through real estate investing classes about rehabbing properties.  Since rehabber usually can’t get loans to flip properties, they find private lenders to fund […]

5 Tips to Survive Visiting a Children’s Museum

Tip #1: Prioritize Your Visit  You’ll want to visit the museum website before you go to plan out which exhibits are the high priority ones.  As you know, we are all about 5 minutes away from a meltdown, so make sure you prioritize which exhibits you want to see first.  In general, there may be one or two featured attractions […]

Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh | Trip Report, Tips, and Advice

Every time we are on a road trip and need to go through Pittsburgh, we stop by the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  This is one of the best things to do with kids in Pittsburgh! The Basics Address: 0 Children’s Way, Allegheny Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 Website:   My Kid’s Favorite Things at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh Art Room Alex […]

How I Used StitchFix to Stop Wasting Time

One of the best things I did was use StitchFix to help me shop for clothes. At first, I was totally against it because I thought it was WAY too expensive.  I’m more of a Target and second hand store kind of shopper, so StitchFix seemed like way overpriced clothes.  I figured I could probably find a cheaper knockoff somewhere else. […]